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Texor operates in an industry of the future which is in an very exciting phase at the moment. Our customers are biotech, biopharma and traditional pharmaceutical companies. Developments in the field of biotechnology are moving fast and, in line with the discovery of new techniques and substances, fresh requirements are placed on the suppliers to the life science industry.

In the production of all pharmaceuticals, regardless of whether they are produced in the traditional manner based on chemically produced molecules or by means of biotechnology, often with proteins as a base, the industry demands the highest standard and quality of production equipment.

A common belief is that our customers in the life science industry, i.e. pharmaceutical and biotech companies, will increasingly face stiffer competition in the future.

The life science industry will probably increase its share of purchases of advanced and complete production systems from established system suppliers with the aim of reducing its costs in the areas of purchasing, logistics and quality.

Accordingly, our vision is to become one of the world’s most respected and cost-effective subcontractors of Advanced Manufacturing Solutions to the global life science industry.