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Texor Group Methodology


Pharmaceutical and biotech companies impose comprehensive requirements on all their suppliers. Over the years Texor has adapted its production and support functions to these requirements.

We take full responsibility vis-à-vis our customers. We have full control and traceability of all raw materials, purchased goods and components.

We conduct regular quality tests, measurements, testing and sampling of our production process in order to identify possible failings and faults in an early stage.

Every shipment from Texor includes a complete set of documentation and all the necessary certificates regarding origin, batch, welding, testing etc., together with reports on tests required by individual customers.


We have been manufacturing complex products and systems in stainless steel for more than 30 years. Our speciality is the manufacture of chromatography columns, which we have been doing for more than 15 years.

We believe that the competence and experience we have built up in our manufacture of chromatography columns are unique in the world. We know that every customer has their special requirements in the way of design, construction and technical solutions in their products. Nonetheless, based on our accumulated experience, we are happy to share our competence with our customers from a manufacturing perspective in order to optimize the manufacture and costs of Advanced Manufacturing Solutions.

The earlier we are involved in the customer’s design work, the more we can contribute and in this way save both time and money for the customer.

Design and construction

The Texor Group has its own design competence and capacity in Zetterströms Rostfria. The department, consisting of 5 design engineers, has more than ….. years of experience in the design and construction of tanks, pressure vessels, WFI systems etc.

Manufacturing optimization

Our experience of cutting and welding in stainless steel as well as in assembling columns of a complex design has given us a great deal of knowledge of design solutions. We can adapt manufacturing design and construction solutions based on our long manufacturing experience without changing the basic design. Our creativity is based on all our years of troubleshooting and problem solving that have permeated the whole organization, especially when manufacturing columns and complex systems.

We feel strongly that it is necessary for us to be involved at an early stage in the design and construction phase. In this way we can together save time by implementing optimal design and construction solutions.


All the statutory documentation needed, such as test reports, traceability certificates, welding certificates etc., whether in paper, on CD or in an electronic version, are included in all shipments.



Our view on development and continual improvement

All our employees are in various ways involved in the work of continual improvement. For Texor, this means the optimization of production processes, reducing the slack in the flow, minimizing scrap and losses, increasing productivity etc. The prerequisite is an open-minded attitude and commitment on the part of the employees. Keywords here are commonsense, orderliness and a positive attitude to change. The results of our work are measured and followed up each month and put on the noticeboard.